Harmony Dental and Orthodontics


Benefits of orthodontics

There are many benefits from orthodontic treatment, here are a few of them:

  • Well aligned teeth are easier to clean and less likely to decay or have gum diseases
  • Better chewing function
  • A well balanced bite results in less stress on jaw muscles and joints (TMJ)
  • Achieve facial harmony and facilitate balanced facial growth
  • Close or open space as part of the restorative plan to achieve stability, function and esthetics

Timing of orthodontics

Timing of orthodontic treatment varies from case to case. Although most children will be ready for treatment when they have all adult teeth erupted or are about to lose their last baby teeth, some kids may benefit from interceptive treatment at an earlier age. According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) , children are recommended to have an orthodontic exam by age 7. Children at this age start to have some adult teeth grow in and there is a wide disparity in tooth development. One major goal for examination is to  determine if there is any orthodontic problem or if it's just a normal developmental variation. Many conditions are easier to treat at an early stage when jaw is still growing, such as underbite (upper front teeth bite inside the lower ones), crossbite (upper back teeth bite inside the lower ones), crowding and oral habit  like thumb sucking. If left untreated, facial growth may be disturbed and extractions or jaw surgery could later be required to correct the problems.

Options for braces

We offer traditional metal braces and cutting-edge clear braces. The most basic and affordable type is metal braces. These are made out of top quality stainless steel and are a great choice for treating all types of orthodontic cases. Patient can choose different colored elastics to put on the brackets at each visit, making it a great choice for patients who want to make a statement with their braces.

For patients who want the braces to be less noticeable, you can choose clear ceramic braces. At Harmony Dental and Orthodontics, Dr. Grace uses only top quality 3M braces. In the orthodontic field, 3M pioneered the first stainless steel braces, the first adhesive pre-coated braces, and color-changing bonding adhesive.  The latest product from 3M, Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets with APC Flash-Free Adhesive, offers brilliant aesthetics with its translucency blending with the color of your teeth, enhanced comfort with its rounded and low profile design, and significantly reduced chair time with its innovative design of the APC Flash-Free Adhesive System.